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Cadet & Junior Ranking Trials; 2018


Hi Everyone,


The Cadet and Junior county trials for 2018/2019 season have been confirmed for Friday 7th of September at the Dorset Table Tennis Centre, The Grange School, Redvers Road, Christchurch


Please note that only Under 15 & Under 18 players can take part in this event. No need to enter just turn up and compete.


Results from this competition will then form teams selected to represent Dorset. This year we have 4 teams (2 cadet & 2 Junior) each team consists of 3 boys and 2 girls.


The trials we start at 6.30 pm and will finish around 9pm. Cost is 5 per player.


Just another reminder that myself and 5 times national champion Alex Perry are holding a summer training camp in late August (please see poster for more details) the perfect way to get in shape for the county trials in September.


Best Regards; Matt Ware; Head Coach of the Dorset Table Tennis Academy; 07788968232


Bribar Catalogue


Bribar Catalogue


Lee Monk


So you are aware, I am leaving Table Tennis England on the 27th July to relocate to the East of the country. After this date, I would suggest contacting Chris Brown chris.brown@tabletennisengland.co.uk who is the South area lead.


Kind regards; Lee Monk


Membership fees approved for 2018/19

Author: Paul Stimpson Publish date: July 9, 2018

Table Tennis England membership fees for 2018/19 have been approved at the AGM.

Player Membership will cost 16 for Seniors and 8 for Cadets or Juniors and the Player Licence will cost 38 for adults and 19 for juniors and cadets. Associate Membership will continue to be free of charge.

This rise, which equates to 2 for Seniors and 1 for Cadets and Juniors, is in line with a five-year strategy.

Details of how to join Table Tennis England for the 2018/19 season, plus the raft of membership benefits on offer, will be published in the coming days.



Letter reply to Dave Beverley, DTTA Chair

From CC Admin; David Goulden


I'm sure that you can have no complaints over the Divisions that your Juniors, Seniors, Veterans and Over 60s team are in, based on their relative divisions they have to play in.

The Over 60s in 1B, rather than 1C, was at the request of Dorset, representative, Reinhard Lindner

I agree that the Cadets are a much more difficult situation.

Initially, both Dorset Cadet teams were in 1B, but Dorset requested that their 2nd team be dropped into the Division 2 with 2A being their preference.

The Cheshire team replaced the Dorset 2 team, with Northants replacing Cheshire in 2B and Dorset 2 replacing Northants in 2A.

Division 1B does cover such a wide geographical area, but then, which team could be dropped out of Division 1A, at the expense of any other team in 1B

It is a pity that there are no Cadets in the lower divisions from Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Avon, with only Hampshire & Wiltshire from the South West Region.

If there was, then it may have partially helped.

As far as matches in Division 1B, it would look like that Warwickshire could be a potential venue for the matches.

For matches in 2A, you could initially play in separate group matches:

Group 1; Dorset 2, Hampshire & Wiltshire

Group 2; Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Norfolk

With Surrey 3 joining either of these two groups

Then, all teams only need to come together for their final round of matches at a suitable venue for all teams.

Irrespective of TTE, there is no reason why the Counties in the South West Region cannot organise a get together themselves;Why do you need TTE to do it for you?

Dave Goulden; CC Admin


Can I just clarify that my comments were just as the Administrator for the County Championships, having taken over from Les Smith in 2017 and not of TTE.

I do not work for TTE and just like the rest of us, I'm only a volunteer.

I'm also the General Secretary for both my local league, Warrington, and my county, Lancashire.

I'm an international umpire and regularly umpire at weekend events, like the Junior, Senior, Veterans & Womans British Leagues, National Championships and Junior tournaments.

I'm also a tournament referee, but restrict my refereeing to just local closed tournaments.

The reason I mention this, is that from the inference of your letter, it may suggest to the members of your County that I have some role within TTE.

I presume that your thinking that I have a role within TTE is the reason that you have been including me in your recent emails.

Letter to Dave Goulden, CC Admin, from Dorset Chair, Dave Beverley

Hi there

I am aware that it is probably too late to change things, but my personal opinion, is that TTE have no regard to the travelling distance of some of the teams in the CC next season.

In particular, the Cadets Divisions, as I can see that Dorset Cadets will be in :-
Div 1b; Cheshire; Dorset 1; Durham 2; Gloucestershire; Lincolnshire; Staffordshire; Warwickshire.

Div 2A; Bedfordshire; Buckinghamshire; Dorset 2; Hampshire; Norfolk; Surrey 3; Wiltshire.

These teams consist of young children, just starting in table tennis, & I do not think it correct for them to travel as far away, which also means cost to parents, & the County.

How come the likes of Lincoln, Cheshire, Durham & Norfolk are in the same divisional area, as Dorset, Gloucester, Somerset, Wiltshire, Devon, Cornwall just name a few.


Regards; Dave Beverley; Dorset TTA Chair

County Teams

For Season 2018-19 the county are to register the following Teams


County Championships Teams Secretary / Organiser

For Season 2018-19, we have an Elected County Championships Team Secretary:- Mr Phil Hadley

Elected at the County AGM; 5th July 2018

Any Team queries, please contact Phil

The County are always looking for more players,especially Females of all ages, of a reasonable playing standard

We always need County Umpires, for County Matches; please contact the main Umpires Secretary:- Mr Reinhard Lindner, County Secretary


Teams are to be :- 1x Senior Team; 2x Junior Teams; 2x Cadet Teams; 2x Veteran Teams; 1x Over 60's Team


The teams will be playing in the following Divisions

Seniors Team Secretary/Organisert:- Matt Ware,

Senior Team
Division 1B = Avon; Berkshire; Devonshire 1; Devonshire 2; Dorset; Gloucestershire; Hampshire; Sussex 2.

Juniors 1st Team Secretary/Organiser:- Emily Malloch,

Junior 1st Team
Division 1B = Buckinghamshire, Devonshire 2, Dorset 1, Essex 1, Hampshire, Middlesex 2, Surrey 1,Sussex 2.

Juniors 2nd Team Secretary/OPrganiser:- Andy Millar

Junior 2nd Team
Division 2B = Avon; Cornwall; Dorset 2; Gloucestershire; Gwent; Somerset; Wiltshire.

Cadet 1st Team Secretary/Organiser:- Andy Millar,

Cadet 1st Team
Division 1B = Cheshire; Dorset 1; Durham 2; Gloucestershire; Lincolnshire; Staffordshire; Warwickshire.

Cadet 2nd Team Secretary/Organiser:- Peter White,

Cadet 2nd Team
Division 2A = Bedfordshire; Buckinghamshire; Dorset 2; Hampshire; Norfolk; Surrey 3; Wiltshire.

Veterans 1st Team Secretary/Organiser:- Anthony Clayton

Veterans 1st Team
Division 1B = Berkshire 1; Dorset 1; Essex 1; Kent 2; Middlesex 1; Norfolk 1; Surrey 1; Sussex 2.

Veterans 2nd Team Secretary/Organiser:- John Hook

Veterans 2nd Team
Division 3D = Cornwall; Devonshire 2; Dorset 2; Hampshire 2; Hampshire 3; Somerset 3; Wiltshire 2.

Over 60 Team Secretary/Organiser:- Reinhard Lindner,

Over 60 Team
Division 1B = Bedfordshire; Buckinghamshire; Dorset; Gloucestershire; Warwickshire 1; Warwickshire 2; Worcestershire.

General County Team Infomation Representative :- David Beverley.


Letter with Advance Fixtures 2018-19

CC Divisions 2018-19 Version 2

CC Weekend Organisers & Venues

CC Match Secretaries

To all Dorset County Teams Secretaries

It is your Dorset County Committee's wish that your County Team should be aware of the County Welfare and any TTE Documents, as a matter of course.

Signed:- G.White, County Welfare Officer. 06.07.17

County Championships;TTE Information

The County Championships are played between teams representing the English counties and Wales with promotion and relegation per Divisions.

Teams of players are selected by their County Associations.

Bribar Match Balls; 2017-18


County Championships Information, Season 2018-19

To all Dorset Team Match Secretaries, Please obtain the necessary Ranking & Registration Forms; ASAP

The Rankng & Registration Forms for 2018-19, in electronic format,can be obtained from TTE Headquarters Website; or alex.mercer@tabletennisengland.co.uk; or the Administrator; Email,gouldend@sky.com.

These should be oibtained as soon as possible, also got back to source

It is IMPORTANT that you copy off plenty of the Ranking & Registration Forms As Soon As Possible, and to submit them as requested on the form

County Championships Tables & Results " pdf's " Season 2018-19.

The Tables & Results will be published here, during the season, when known

County Championships Information.



Advance Fixture list 2018-19

Dorset CC1 Team Entry Form

Dorset CC2 Match Secretaries Form



County Championships;
Events Calendars

These may be updated from time to time.


Events Calendar version 21 2017-18.

Events Calendar version 4 2018-19.




Ranking Lists


These may be updated from time to time.


For these Ranking Publication Dates; Go To


TTE Ranking Website; Publication Dates


County Championships Information.Season 2018-19.



For information about a team, highlight it to get info.

Reports from each Team's Matches, from someone involved, would be most appreciated, however brief the report, with or without any photos.

For Season 2017/18, we have entered the following teams, & therefore would welcome any eligible player to join , by notifying the respective Team Secretary.


Below most Team Headings, you may find some Google Map Directions.


Senior Team Match Seretary:- Matt Ware

This team is scheduled to play their round of matches in Division 1b

Junior 1st Team Match Secretary:- Emily Malloch.

This team is scheduled to play matches in Division 1b


Junior 2nd Team Match Secretary:- Andy Millar

This team is scheduled to play matches in Division 2b


Cadet 1st Team Match Secretary :- Andy Millar

This team is scheduled to play matches in Division 1b



Cadet 2nd Team Match Secretary :- Peter White

This team is scheduled to play matches in Division 2b.


Veterans 1st Team Match Secretary:- Tony Clayton,

This Team is Scheduled to play matches in Division 1b


Veterans 2nd Team Match Secretary:- ohn Hook.

This Team is Scheduled to play matches in Division 3d


Over 60 Team Secretary:- Reinhard Lindner.

This Team is Scheduled matches in Division 1b.



General County Championships Teams Info; David Beverley

National Leagues; Cadets & Juniors Teams Match Seretaries,these are unknown at present, but contact the following for information:- Matt Ware and Andy Millar.